Safeguard Your Rockport, TX, Home With Our Hurricane Impact Windows

At The Window Shop, we recognize the unique needs of homeowners in Rockport, Texas, a region often threatened by severe coastal storms. Our hurricane impact windows are designed to meet and exceed the safety requirements of the Texas Department of Insurance. As your dedicated hurricane window company, we are committed to fortifying your home against the elements with superior-quality windows that offer unparalleled protection.

Why Our Hurricane Impact Windows Are Essential for Coastal Living

Our hurricane-impact windows feature dual layers of laminated glass, which can withstand the high winds and airborne debris typical of hurricanes. This design ensures that even if the glass is impacted, it will not shatter into dangerous fragments, keeping your home secure and significantly reducing the risk of injury or further property damage.

Beyond our standard hurricane windows, we also provide windstorm-rated windows tailored to the challenges of living near the Gulf Coast. These windows have undergone rigorous testing to handle even more severe conditions, giving you an extra layer of security.

Advantages of Choosing Our Impact Windows

When you choose to install our hurricane-impact windows, know you’ll also benefit from:

  • Enhanced security: Our impact windows do more than shield you from storms; they also offer a formidable barrier against break-ins. The toughness of the laminated glass makes it difficult for intruders to penetrate, providing safety and peace of mind.
  • Improved energy efficiency and comfort: Designed to reduce heat transfer, our hurricane windows help maintain a consistent indoor temperature, lowering energy costs and boosting the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems.
  • Reduced external noise: Live comfortably with less external noise. Our hurricane-impact windows effectively insulate your home against disruptive sounds, whether storm-driven winds or everyday street noise.

Secure Your Rockport Home Today

Are you ready to enhance the safety and efficiency of your home in Rockport, Texas? Contact The Window Shop today. Our experienced hurricane window installers are here to provide the best solutions tailored to your needs. Equip your home with our trusted hurricane-impact windows for peace of mind in any weather.

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DO NOT waste your time with big box home improvement people like Lowe's. Give Window Shop a chance to show you how professionals do it. Ken came out and provided a thorough review of the windows in our home. He spent time explaining the different impact ratings and the entire installation process. He was courteous and professional and comes highly recommended. If you want quality and dependable work, I would call Window Shop.

Maggie T

Tampa, FL

I love our new windows. We have had to adjust the thermostat because we were getting too cold!  The crew was extremely meticulous and went above their required duties. If you need Windows in the Corpus Christi area I give the Window Shop people my highest marks!!!

Esther W

Tampa, FL

Great job!  Easy to work with Ken Norris.  Ken’s & employees’ attention to details was excellent.  I would hire and/or recommend them to replace my windows again.  Very accommodating

George W

Tampa, FL